Tips To Prevent Pet Escapes

With the hustle and bustle of the summer, it’s easy for pets to make an escape. They can slip past kids headed outside to play or when friends and neighbors are coming and going at the weekend barbecue.

Follow these few tips to keep your pets safe this summer:

1. Check your yard for escape routes– Look for any new holes dug under your fence by those pesky cottontail rabbits or any broken or weathered pickets in a wooden fence.

2. Protect your pet from loud noises— Pets with noise phobias aren’t necessarily looking for a way to escape, but rather to get away from the loud noises.  It is surprising how many dogs have been injured by jumping through an open window or right through the screen during 4th of July fireworks display.  If your pet has noise phobia, put them in a crate or secure room that is protected as much as possible from the loud noise. Turning on music or the television can also help to drown out some of the noise.  We also have medications which can help with anxiety and phobias.

3. Check your leash– It is cute when dogs like to walk themselves by carrying their own leash, but this usually means that they have chewed on it some as well.  Make sure to check your leash for signs of wear to prevent the possibility of breakage if your dog gets scared and pulls on the leash.

4. Inspect the safety of the dog park–  There are many dog parks that are completely fenced in to allow dogs to play off leash.  Be sure to inspect the fence before taking the leash off of your dog and monitor your dog closely when others are coming in and out of the park.

5. Give your pets a safe haven from large crowds– While some pets are the life of the party, many actually get overwhelmed when large numbers of people are around, especially in their own homes.  Provide your pet with a quiet, secure place like a crate or kennel away from the crowd.

6. Microchip your pet– You never know when they might make their great escape and if your pet has a microchip they have a much higher chance of being returned to you.  Microchips have a specific electronic code and once the chip is placed under your pet’s skin, your information is registered with a national database.  If your pet is taken to a rescue, shelter, or veterinarian they can be scanned to read that code and the registry is called to retrieve the owner’s information.


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