General animal healthcare

Companion Animal Hospitals provide the full range of services needed by your pet. Whether it is an everyday need such as a nail trim or fecal testing or a high tech need such as cold laser therapy for arthritis, staging of a cancer patient for the best treatment regimen or removing a tennis ball surgically, we are here to serve our patient at all levels.

Senior wellness care

Nothing contributes more to a long and healthy life than regular visits to the veterinarian. Pets age faster than we do, so health problems can develop rapidly, especially in older animals. For our senior patients, we perform physical exams twice a year as well as diagnostics to monitor any changes in your pet’s health. Our team will carefully monitor your pet’s weight, changes in behavior, thyroid function, urine and kidney function, and also examine your pets mouth for dental pain, redness, tartar and odor. Nutritional needs of the older patient are addressed and appropriate supplements are added. Special tests such as blood pressure, eye pressure to check for glaucoma, abdominal and thoracic radiographs and ultrasound, and assessment of new skin masses with cytology ensure that disease does not progress undetected in your senior pet.

Preventative medicine

Many common diseases that affect our pets can easily be prevented. We provide heartworm preventatives, de-worming for intestinal parasites, protozoal screening for Giardia, vaccines, as well as prescription diets to manage many common ailments. Our staff will work with you to choose the right prevention to suit you and your pet’s lifestyle.

Exotic animal medicine, surgery, and hospitalization

From pocket pets to those not-so-furry pets with scales and feathers, our staff can help guide you in providing the best care for all of your pets. Our facilities are equipped to compound medications especially for exotic pets and perform general grooming such as trimming wings, beaks, nails, and teeth. Every veterinarian at Companion has an interest in caring for exotic pets so it is easy to schedule an appointment to suit your needs. We recognize that most exotic pets do not show signs of illness early so it is very important to bring them in at the first sign of disease.