Reading a Cat’s Body Language

The Tale of the Tail

  • Flying high: “All is terrific!”
  • High with the tip hooked over: “I’m playing!”
  • Dropped low: “I’m very unhappy.”
  • Twitching back and forth: “Back off!”
  • Bushy: “I’m angry!”

Tongues Talk When Cats Groom

  • Rapid, non-stop licks: “I’m embarrassed.”
  • Short licks while looking at you: “I’m content”
  • Constant, deep, intense licks: “I’m bored.”
  • Short, shallow licks: “I’m nervous.”
  • Licks all over YOU: “I like you!”

The Ear Story

  • Ears straight up: “I’m ready for fun or affection!”
  • Ears flat/out sideways: “I’m mad!”
  • Ears down and back: “I’m furious, watch out!”

Listen to My Paws

  • Paws kneading: “I’m content.”
  • Paw strokes/pats: “I love you.”
  • Paw tagging: “Hurry up!”
  • Paw blows with claws: “Fight!”

The Eyes Say It

  • Wide open and looking toward you: “I’m listening.”
  • Half closed: “I’m sleepy.”
  • Pupils in slits: “I’m alert and confidant.”
  • Bugged: “I’m frightened.”
  • Staring: “I’m challenging you.”
  • Blinking and winking: “I’m talking with you because I like you!”

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