Metal Lawn Edging

Summertime is fast approaching.  I love those first warm, sunny days when I can throw open the back door and let my kids and pets use the backyard as an extension of the house.  Unfortunately one of the most common injuries to our pets can occur right in the backyard: a cut (or laceration) from metal lawn edging.

Many yards have this metal edging as a barrier between landscaping and grass.  It usually has a protective plastic barrier on the top, but the plastic tends to disappear over time and then all that is left, is a very sharp metal edge.

While it is very effective at keeping the grass from creeping into unwanted areas, it can also provide unwanted injuries to your pet.  Most commonly, we never see the actual laceration occur, our dog just shows up on the back deck with a bleeding toe or pad or leg.  The injuries can be many different levels of severity but all require a trip to the vet for evaluation and treatment.  So when you do open that back door this spring, take a moment to look around your yard and make sure it is ready for everyone to have fun without any hidden, and potentially costly, surprises.

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