christinapicDr Kellogg was born in Illinois and moved to Colorado 20 years ago. She came to Colorado because her father was in the military but stayed to accomplish her goal of attending Colorado State University’s School of Veterinary Medicine. After receiving her B.S. in biological science with a biomedical science minor at CSU in 2008, she went on and started vet school in 2009. During vet school, Dr. Kellogg developed an interest in neurology and reptile husbandry/medicine. After vet school, she decided to stay and work in northern Colorado, which she now considers her home. Outside of veterinary medicine, her personal interests include spending time with her own furry kids (a 2 year old German Shephard and an American shorthair cat), taking care of a handful of geckos and two iguanas, yoga, baking and bike riding.