Charlotte has lived in Greeley the past 8ish years. Growing up in Phoenix Arizona, a wildlife biology class in high school sparked her interest in animal husbandry and behavior. Furthering her studies in college in Nebraska solidified her love for all things animal related. An internship at the Phoenix Zoo was a dream and she continued to gain more experience at another internship at Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation in Texas where she helped to expand the enrichment program for the rescued animals.
She moved here to be with her now husband Brad and fell into the veterinary field when trying to work her way into the Denver Zoo. When that endeavor failed she became a certified veterinary technician assistant and has worked at few different places before arriving at Companion Animal Hospital.
In her spare time she spends her time with her young son and husband as well as their cat Bootz and dog Rose. She loves to spend time outside working in the yard and eating tasty treats.