Nobocoho (North Boulder Companion Animal Hospital) was opened in 1993 at 2750 Glenwood Drive #9 in the north end of the 28th Street business district of Boulder. We have grown to a 3 veterinarian hospital which provides a full range of services from the simple nail trim to complicated surgeries. All of our veterinarians share an unusual love of not only dogs and cats but also exotic pets. Tarantulas, monkeys, and more common exotics like ferrets, birds, reptiles, rabbits, and chinchillas have visited us through the years, for their wide variety of problems. Our goal is to serve each pet and guardian to the best of our abilities with current medical information, technology and a good dose of love. Our nursing and managing staff includes 3 certified veterinary technicians, a former EMT and an Environmental Sciences major with almost 50 years of veterinary experience combined. Our hospital is small in physical size but big in compassionate care. We strive to give individualized attention with respect for each guardian’s philosophy of care, and hope to make each animal we care for have the best possible quality of life from birth to end of life care.

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